Annual Meeting

2017 Annual Meeting in Boston, Nov 18-21


The American Academy of Religion brings thousands of professors and students, authors and publishers, religious leaders and interested laypersons to its Annual Meeting each year. Co-hosted with the Society of Biblical Literature, the Annual Meetings are the largest events of the year in the fields of religious studies and theology.

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Outgoing Program Unit Chairs

Terms Ended 2016

AAR would like to thank the following Program Unit Chairs whose terms ended in 2016.

Cassie Adcock
Washington University, St. Louis
Law, Religion, and Culture Group

Kecia Ali
Boston University
Islam, Gender, Women Group

Ellen T. Armour
Vanderbilt University
Theology and Continental Philosophy Group

William E. Arnal
University of Regina
Critical Theory and Discourses on Religion Group

Carla Bellamy
City University of New York
Religion in South Asia Section

Annie Blazer
College of William and Mary
Religion, Sport, and Play Group

Kent Brintnall
University of North Carolina
Queer Studies in Religion Group

Rita Brock
Brite Divinity School
Moral Injury and Recovery in Religion, Society, and Culture Group

Ann M. Burlein
Hofstra University
Cultural History of the Study of Religion Group

Marie Cartier
California State University, Northridge
Lesbian-Feminisms and Religion Group

Chas Clifton
Colorado State University, Pueblo
Contemporary Pagan Studies Group

Peter De Mey
University of Leuven
Vatican II Studies Group

Christopher Driscoll
Rice University
Critical Approaches to Hip-Hop and Religion Group

Jodi Eichler-Levine
Lehigh University
Religion, Memory, History Group

W. Scott Haldeman
Chicago Theological Seminary
Gay Men and Religion Group

Yong Huang
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Confucian Traditions Group

Aaron W. Hughes
University of Rochester
Study of Judaism Section

Christopher Ives
Stonehill College
Buddhist Critical–Constructive Reflection Group

Anne C. Klein
Rice University
Contemplative Studies Group

Amy Koehlinger
Oregon State University
Roman Catholic Studies Group

Paul R. Kolbet
Yale University
Augustine and Augustinianisms Group

Louis Komjathy
University of San Diego
Contemplative Studies Group

Lance D. Laird
Boston University
Religions, Medicines, and Healing Group

Pamela Lightsey
Boston University
Womanist Approaches to Religion and Society Group

Debra Majeed
Beloit College
Women and Religion Section


Kathryn McClymond
Georgia State University
Comparative Studies in Religion Section

Michael J. McClymond
Saint Louis University
Pentecostal–Charismatic Movements Group

Beverley Foulks McGuire
University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Comparative Religious Ethics Group

Lori Meeks
University of Southern California
Buddhism Section

Joy J. Moore
Fuller Theological Seminary
Evangelical Studies Group

Donna S. Mote
University of the South
Anthropology of Religion Group

Anne Murphy
University of British Columbia
Sikh Studies Group

Aristotle Papanikolaou
Fordham University
Eastern Orthodox Studies Group

Marco Pasi
University of Amsterdam
Western Esotericism Group

Sarah K. Pinnock
Trinity University
Religion, Holocaust, and Genocide Group

Grant Potts
Austin Community College
Ritual Studies Group

Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad
Lancaster University
Religions in Chinese and Indian Cultures:
A Comparative Perspective Group

Bronwyn Roantree
Fordham University
Law, Religion, and Culture Group

Mark Rowe
McMaster University
Japanese Religions Group

Jone Salomonsen
University of Oslo
Contemporary Pagan Studies Group

Stuart R. Sarbacker
Oregon State University
Mysticism Group

Chad Seales
University of Texas
Religion and Popular Culture Group

Phillis Isabella Sheppard
Vanderbilt University
Womanist Approaches to Religion and Society Group

Josef Sorett
Columbia University
Afro-American Religious History Group

Sarah McFarland Taylor
Northwestern University
Religion, Media, and Culture Group

Julia Watts Belser
Georgetown University
Religion and Disability Studies Group

Christian K. Wedemeyer
University of Chicago
Buddhism Section

Claire White
California State University, Northridge
Cognitive Science of Religion Group

Michael Zogry
University of Kansas
Native Traditions in the Americas Group