2018 Annual Meeting Nov 17-20

Mark your calendars for the 2018 Annual Meeting! Plan to join your colleagues in Denver November 17-20. More info to come soon!

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Committee on Teaching and Learning

Charge:  The Teaching and Learning Committee promotes excellence in teaching and learning in religion by developing programs for members.

Composition:  Up to six members, plus the Spotlight on Teaching editor, an ex officio position.

Terms of Office:  Four years, non-renewable.

Member Position Term Start Term End
Rosemary P. Carbine 2016 2020
Jamil Drake 2017 2020
Kathryn Gin Lum 2016 2019
Sarah Jacoby 2016 2019
Sarah Jacoby Spotlight Editor 2016 2019

Member: Position: Term:
Lerone Martin Chair 2014–2017
Fred Glennon Spotlight Editor 2014–2017
Sarah Jacoby Spotlight Editor 2016–2019
Rosemary P. Carbine   2017–2020
Jamil Drake   2017–2020
Boyung Lee   2014–2017
Davina Lopez   2014–2017
Kathryn Gin Lum   2016–2019
Amy Yandell AAR Staff Liaison  

Teaching and Learning Resources

Religion in the Schools

Spotlight on Teaching

Syllabus Project

Teaching About Religion: AAR Guidelines for K-12 Public Schools

Teaching and Learning Committee Newsletters:

Committee Syllabi:

Swasti Bhattacharyya Introduction to Biblical Heritage
Reid Locklin Catholicism
  Religious Pluralism and the Church
Tina Pippin Interpreting Sacred Texts and Traditions
  The Politics of Apocalypse
Ellen Posman Death and the Afterlife in the World’s Religions
  Religion and Violence
  Sustainability in the World’s Religions
David Ratke Medieval Christian Thought
  The European Reformations: Movements and Ideas
Susan Willhauck Graduate Project and Seminar

Religion and Ecology Syllabi:

Whitney Bauman Technology and Human Values
Willis Jenkins Environmental Ethics
  Environmental Theologies
Bobbi Patterson Religion and Ecology: Emory as Place Sustainability and Spiritual Practices
Carol Robb Environmental Ethics (Introduction to Ethics)
Laura Stivers Environmental Philosophy and Ethics